After months of carefully recruiting, we have finally made the transition to 25. This week, we zoned in with the largest raid group we’ve had in RM since Firelands. Being that it’s about 8-month-old content, we didn’t expect much progression, and we cleared the whole instance in about six hours. A few things were harder (Malkorok, Paragons) but on the whole it was easy to see that this tier’s balance was heavily skewed toward 25m. The jaw-dropping amount of loot was also pleasant. Anyways, we’ll be doing this for several more months until WoD launches, and we’re still selling stuff too. Most of us got into beta on this most recent wave, so we’ll also be doing much more testing, especially of the raid content.

Although we cleared 25, we did so with the help of a few RM veterans/friends who aren’t in our main roster for WoD. We are still recruiting exceptional players for WoD. We could use a few ranged DPS, a couple melee dps, and one healer.