Mythic Highmaul Cleared!

Gonna keep this short and actually post the screenshot in a timely fashion. Imperator easily makes my top 5 least favorite bosses ever. Up there with M’uru. On to Blackrock Foundry next week!



M Imperator


This fight sucked a big one. Glad it’s over.





M Koragh

This was a fun fight. During wipes we had contests to see who could draw the longest fire lines.





M Butcher

Annoying positioning but a nice, short, numbers-ey fight. Completely deterministic and repeatable.

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WoD Update – 4/7 Mythic

Sorry for the lack of posts until now, seems like doing professions on 11 alts and spamming follower missions has taken priority recently. So going into the Christmas week, we’re 4/7 Mythic and Realm 1st! Go us! So here’s the kills we’ve accumulated so far. I’ll try to do better posting the killshots somewhat close to when we actually kill the boss…




The hardest part about Tectus was the camera angle caused by the outside of the room and the pillars, and seeing the fire through the sand. Kinda chaotic/fun when 10 Tectii are up at the same time.

M Tectus





Flamethrowers pew pew! After we sacrificed Chuba twice to the big waves, we scored a kill.

M Brackenspore




Twin Ogron

Super emphasize that Whirlwind! Also, I forgot to take a good screenshot before passing out all the loot so I hurried up and took this one that only has me and Chuba’s alt priest in it. My bad 🙁

M Twin Ogron


Kargath Bladefist

Easier than Heroic Imperator, by a lot. Super pushover, but I thought the “favor of the crowd” was a fun idea. Too bad it was tuned so easily we never had to optimize it.

M Kargath



We also did two groups of Normals and Heroics. Heroic Imperator did feel like pretty legit progression.



Challenge Modes

Not usually the topic of a frontpage post, but we did accidentally get a realm-best while going for Gold Grimrail Depot. Thanks to Rhazzer for setting up that group. Long live Team Rhazzers, the Grimrail Suplexers!

Realm Best Grimrail







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We made it to 25!

After months of carefully recruiting, we have finally made the transition to 25. This week, we zoned in with the largest raid group we’ve had in RM since Firelands. Being that it’s about 8-month-old content, we didn’t expect much progression, and we cleared the whole instance in about six hours. A few things were harder (Malkorok, Paragons) but on the whole it was easy to see that this tier’s balance was heavily skewed toward 25m. The jaw-dropping amount of loot was also pleasant. Anyways, we’ll be doing this for several more months until WoD launches, and we’re still selling stuff too. Most of us got into beta on this most recent wave, so we’ll also be doing much more testing, especially of the raid content.

Although we cleared 25, we did so with the help of a few RM veterans/friends who aren’t in our main roster for WoD. We are still recruiting exceptional players for WoD. We could use a few ranged DPS, a couple melee dps, and one healer.


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Two 14/14H Groups!

We did two full 14/14H runs this week. That’s another milestone along our path to convert to a 25 man. We’re now at 17 raiding mains, so we’re getting close to being able to go 25m! Also, our Kor’kron Juggernauts have gone to recruits the last three weeks, so if you want to buy one, let us know. We’re also recruiting for SoO 25H and for WoD, so check out our recruitment page if you’re interested.


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RM Has Moved!

As of tonight, <Royal Militia> will be moving to Kel’Thuzad. After years as Bleeding Hollow’s oldest guild, we will be making the move to a server with more Alliance, less horde, and a much better environment for WoD. I made a very nostalgic post on the BH forums, but to summarize: We loved BH because of the community of friends on Alliance and Enemies on the horde. But now, the majority of those people have quit or transferred to other servers, and Bleeding Hollow is no longer the great server it once was. We feel changing servers is necessary to give ourselves the best chance of success in WoD. Anyone who is currently in RM is welcome to the new RM on Kel’Thuzad. Any “old school” BH-ers are also welcome.

Looking ahead to WoD, we are going to be doing some significant recruiting to fill up the ranks for Mythic raiding. If you are interested in a core raid spot in RM, please contact myself or Isamoo or post an application.


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