We finally did it. Garrosh is dead, and MoP progression is over. We came in at US22nd 10m (I don’t count 25-man guilds with their 581 ilvl), which is better than we’ve ever done before. So even though we could have done better without hard drive failures, finals, and Christmas/New Years causing scheduling problems, it’s still an improvement from how we’ve done in previous tiers, and that’s good.

The hardest part of this fight? Intermission 1. Hands down, no contest. We definitely wiped there at least 3 or 4 times more than any other part of the fight. What I wouldn’t have given for the AOE stuns and silences that Horde get as their racials. Unfortunately, Escape Artist and Shadowmeld just can’t compare. The extra 1% or whatever raid dps from those racials also would have been nice, but we eventually out geared that.

Although I’m glad it’s finally dead, this kill is bittersweet because it’s the end of 10-player progression raiding… something which I’ve grown to love. Really, it’s sad that 10H raiders are of such low importance that Blizzard is happy to destroy the groups we’ve spent the last four years building. Our group has been going continuously since Cata launch, and I really like the smaller group size and the tighter group you can build. Leading 10 people is much more manageable than 25, so that’s also a huge plus for the leadership (me).

Looking forward, we definitely plan to raid in WoD, although the details are still totally up in the air. Will we recruit? Will we merge? Will we server or faction change? All are TBD at the moment and now that we’ve killed Garrosh, we’ll be putting a lot more time into figuring that out. If you’re interested in recruitment for WoD or want to discuss a merger, hit me up in-game or make a post in the recruitment forums.



P.S. Here’s our killshot. The last 10H killshot for RM.

H Garrosh