Why the Long App? Invite Me NOW!

Aside from the standard purpose of officers evaluation of your qualifications, the application is also your introduction to the guild members who do not make recruitment decisions. Our forums are very active and most members of the guild will look at every application, even if they do not respond directly to the post. Having your application on the forums allows them to distinguish you from an unfamiliar alt and (if you’re invited) will help you get integrated into the guild more quickly. Please keep this in mind when filling out your application.

How to Post an Application

  1. Register on our forums (your account name should be something close to your character name). Don’t forget to activate using your email.
  2. Fill out the application below (all questions mandatory) and submit.
  3. Frequently check our recruitment forum for followup questions or to view the status of your application.

Note: This form is newly created and may be buggy. If you have any problems, please let an officer know in-game. You can also use our alternate application if this page gives you problems.


  • Possible Raid Days: Tues, Weds, Thurs, Sun, Mon
  • Days per Week: 4
  • Raid Times: 7:50pm-12am EST

We currently raid a flexible schedule where we select weekly which days we raid. We pick 4 days out of Tues, Weds, Thurs, Sun, Mon. About 90% of the time, this is Tues/Wed/Thurs/Mon. During the first 2-3 weeks of a new raid, we try to raid 5 days to be able to do split runs, and push Mythic content when the hype is real. We will never main raid on Fri or Sat. We use this schedule because it allows us to be sure we will raid 4 days a week, every week, even if a couple people have something else going on IRL (work, family, travel, etc.). We usually end on-time, but if we feel a boss kill is imminent, we may put in a few attempts past our end time and go for the kill. During farm content or holidays, we will raid fewer days and/or fewer hours per day.

We have mostly 21+ year old members, and we expect a certain amount of maturity in addition to WoW skill from our raiders. Name-calling and shit-talking is not tolerated. There are plenty of other guilds where everyone hates each other, we don’t do that here.  All raiders are expected to have high raid attendance, (85%+) have a great understanding of their class and all of its specs, have all available knowledge on current boss encounters. Bench time will happen – we will put in the raiders that give us the best chance to down a boss on a given night. If you don’t feel you can maintain 85% or better raid attendance then you probably shouldn’t apply.

The trial period in RM lasts as long as it takes us to make a decision on whether or not you are a good fit for the guild. This is typically 3-6 weeks. As a trial, you will have  restrictions on the loot you can get, and you may be asked to join or sit on absolutely any fight. You are expected to come prepared to every raid with the appropriate research on the encounter (and your roles in it) as well as consumables. Participation in guild events outside of raids (alt raids/ dungeons / BGs / guild achievements, etc.) throughout the trial period is highly recommended, as it will help us get a better understanding of what you bring to the guild.

While we will consider any high performing candidate, we are especially looking players who are:

  • Well-Informed (know your class/specs and research encounters)
  • Team-Oriented (do not over-emphasize loot or damage meters)
  • Easy-going (we don’t want to raid with dicks, no matter how good you are)
  • Experienced (you must have raided in the current and previous tier)
  • Versatile (knowing offspecs and other classes gives necessary flexibility)
  • Stable (you must be able to afford enchants, gems, etc, and your WoW subscription consistently)

If you’re looking for our class/spec needs, please check out our wowprogress page.

Things you should know before applying to give yourself the best shot at getting a positive response to your application.

  1. Take your time with the application.   This is our very first impression of you and bad impressions are hard to shake.   To give you a time estimate, my application took me 30 minutes to fill out.
  2. Be prepared for questions on your application.   Do not be offended, we can’t tell what you know without asking.
  3. Contacting an Officer after the denial of your application is fine.   You’re welcome to ask for reasons that you were denied.   Please be aware that we will be as honest as possible.


Character Information

Info about your raiding character(s)

Copy+paste a link to a screenshot of your artifact traits. Also have screenshots of each of your "offspec" artifacts. This should be a total of 3-4 screen shots.

How soon are you available to begin raiding (including realm/faction transfer, if applicable)?

Would you be willing to reroll to another class to improve raid composition? What other classes/specs would you be willing and able to raid at PROGRESSION skill levels? Be honest.

"Raid ready" means fully prepared for this tier's hardest progression content

Please provide armory links to your raid ready alts, and briefly describe them.

WoW History

All the things you've ever done in WoW

Give a brief history of your time in WoW. When did you start playing? What is your /played? Describe your raiding experiences in Vanilla, TBC, WotLK, and Cata.

Make sure to include previous raiding guilds, including guild name/server, how long you were with them, what progression content you did while you were there, and why you left them. Also include your character name(s) while you were in those guilds.

Have you been in a leadership position in any previous guild?

Describe your position, responsibilities, whether you enjoyed it, and whether you'd do it again.

Gameplay Information

How you play the game, and why.

Copy+paste a link to several Warcraft Logs or World of Logs reports of you in a raid environment. If you don't have any, go do LFR or Flex. Seriously. Screenshots of damage meters don't count either.

What is and how well can you play your offspec? Every class has an offspec/alternate spec. You can also include your "raid ready" alts in this question. Versatility is extremely important.

Please list all the addons you use for raiding. Which three are most important and why?

How do you prepare for a new progression boss? Be thorough.

Copy+paste a link to a screenshot of your UI in a raid setting (in combat). Show us how cool your UI is. Do not post an out-of-combat screenshot or one of you hitting target dummies.

Do you even stream, bro? Give us a link if you do. It's okay if you don't.

Raid Atmosphere Information

Questions relating to your behavior in raids

Please describe why you marked "no" to any of the questions relating to voice chat requirements.

Describe how you respond to criticism, including honest/blunt criticism of your performance. We're not assholes, but we will let you know if you could be doing something better.

There will be bench time, even during progression... we bring the best group for each encounter. Are you ok with sitting for some fights? Will you cry?


Go to pingtest.net and check your connection to any server in Chicago, IL. You may need to pan across the map to find Chicago, if it is not near where you live. You will need to install/permit Java to run or this test will not work.

Post the link to the image of your results (click "Direct Link" and it will be copied to your clipboard). The URL should end in ".png". Here's an example result of what your image might look like:

Personal Information

About you, IRL

What state/province and time zone do you live in?

Tell us about yourself IRL. What do you do IRL (job/school/whatever)? Married? Kids? Anything unique or interesting?

Can you make our current raid times (see above) regularly? Do you anticipate any changes to your schedule within the next ~6 months due to work/job/school/family/whatever? Explain.

Final Bonus Round

It's your last chance!

Tell us why we should invite you into RM. What sets you apart from other candidates? How do you see yourself fitting into our guild?

Do you have anyone in RM that will vouch for you? Anyone in a previous guild?

Which Alliance race do you think looks the best, and why?

Put whatever you want in this box. Actually, you should avoid anything that's NSFW, because we review like 80% of apps at work.


Time to sign on the dotted line...

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Sup World?

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