As of tonight, <Royal Militia> will be moving to Kel’Thuzad. After years as Bleeding Hollow’s oldest guild, we will be making the move to a server with more Alliance, less horde, and a much better environment for WoD. I made a very nostalgic post on the BH forums, but to summarize: We loved BH because of the community of friends on Alliance and Enemies on the horde. But now, the majority of those people have quit or transferred to other servers, and Bleeding Hollow is no longer the great server it once was. We feel changing servers is necessary to give ourselves the best chance of success in WoD. Anyone who is currently in RM is welcome to the new RM on Kel’Thuzad. Any “old school” BH-ers are also welcome.

Looking ahead to WoD, we are going to be doing some significant recruiting to fill up the ranks for Mythic raiding. If you are interested in a core raid spot in RM, please contact myself or Isamoo or post an application.